Annie, this comment made my morning. And congrats on ditching Gilbert!! I had to have an ovarian tumor (and the associated ovary) removed when I was 26, and people acted the same way toward me; even then I found it weird. One woman approached me and, very quietly while holding onto my elbow (??), suggested that I intentionally take time to “mourn” my ovary and even HAVE A GOING AWAY PARTY for it the night before my surgery. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I think I said something like, “Wait, what? You want me to mourn my diseased ovary? I think I’m good, thanks.” People are nuts. Hang in there with the hot flashes. I think you sound awesome. ❤

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English professor and humor writer based in Green Bay. McSweeney’s, Points in Case, HuffPost, Slackjaw, Little Old Lady Comedy, Human Parts, others.

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